Me, a 'Jomon' face with parted hair, a resting smile, and crystal eyeglasses tinged by green. I'm standing in front of a young tree, wearing a lavender t-shirt and white jacket.

Taichi Wi

Design technologist


Title Description Period
Once Flower Every second, the timestamp is encoded into a unique flower that appears once and never again Spring 2019
Soft Bitmap Modeling an image as a stretchy net of pixels Summer 2018
Wind Poem Kerned with wind data from two weeks in winter in NY Winter 2020
Birthday Floral Silk cloth with 1000 different timestamp flowers from my birthday Autumn 2019
Teeming World Pure text star background Summer 2017

Work on the Web

Website for Description Role Images Docs Period With
Nike Studio:NYC Training tool and community hub for runners in NY Design Programming Summer 2022 Matt Lee (Programming), Rafa Cobiella (Programming), Something Special Studios (Design, Direction)
Alt Text as Poetry Website that describes itself, for two artists' project toward an expansive understanding of alt text Design Programming Spring 2020 Laurel Schwulst (Design, Programming)
Artists Space Program calendar and 50-year digital archive for a storied art institution in NY Programming Spring - Fall 2019 Mark Beasley (Programming), Laurel Schwulst (Design)
Nike ISPA Live Virtual event for a product launch attended by enthusiasts and press Programming Summer 2020 Mark Beasley (Programming), Something Special Studios (Design, Direction)
L'Agenzia Micamera Bilingual website for a photo agency, with random photos falling as they load Design Programming Summer 2022 Tamara Shopsin (Design, Direction)
Dinamo Namecrawler Typeface naming helper to explore names that contain favorite letters Design Programming Summer 2020 Robert Janes and Johannes Breyer of Dinamo Typefaces
2727 California Street Program calendar for a former artist-residency and educational initiative (now archived) Design Programming Winter - Spring 2019 Laurel Schwulst (Design, Programming)
Bentoism Introduction and online community for a decision-making philosophy Programming Fall 2019 Laurel Schwulst (Design), Yancey Strickler (Content)
Sound Game Listen to the sound and guess what it is Programming Winter 2019 Laurel Schwulst (Design), Tamara Shopsin (Design, Game)
Cache Suite Website for an artist's practice formed around collections and asides Design Programming Summer 2019 Aaron Noah Graham (Content)
Sara Cwynar Website for an artist, as a collage of numerous disjoint iframes Programming Summer 2019 Laurel Schwulst (Design)
Celine Wong Katzman Website for a curator and writer, made of parts of Hello Kitty Programming Fall 2018 Laurel Schwulst (Design)